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In 1654 the protestant community in Noordwijk started using the Chapel at Sea. Since that time the chapel kept his historical character on the inside and outside. In the beginning of the 20st century the growing protestant community needed to enlarge the building so a new church was build attached to the back of the chapel.  This ‘Church at Sea’, as it was called, could accommodate twice as much people.

But when, a few years ago, two different protestant communities in Noordwijk joined forces it was decided that the community would continue its worship in another church building. Now interior designer Klooster rents the building.


Chapel at sea

In the Hoofdstraat (Mainstreet) there used to be a ‘Seachapel’. It was build in the year 1320. Spanish troops destroyed the building during the invasion of 1573. Twenty years later, in 1593, Dutch nobles Johan van der Does and Jacob van der Moelen, the sheriff, jury and church governance of Noordwijk gave permission to sell the Seachapel and build a new chapel, now called ‘Chapel at Sea’. Above the front door of the building one can still see the family crest of Van der Does.

In 1850 a great storm practically destroyed the spire. 55 years later it was restored in its original renaissance style. 

City government added in 1921 a new clockwork (made by B. Eijshouts van Asten).   Whenever a protestant citizen dies the church bells are employed at 8 o’clock, at noon or at 4 o’clock pm. The latest restoration occurred in the 1960’s. Mayor Bonnike opened the restored Chapel at Sea officially  on the 16th of august 1968.


Church at sea

Noordwijk transformed late 19th century from a small fishermen village into a mundane seaside resort frequented by many of Europe’s royals and beau monde. With that, the community of Noordwijk grew. Early in the 20th century the Chapel at Sea therefore became too small for the also fast growing local protestant community. Instead of tearing down the old Chapel at Sea and building a complete new residence of worship (which was considered), church council decided to add a building behind the Chapel, and also connected to the Chapel. This building was called ‘Church at Sea’. On the 8th of august 1928 it was officially opened. An occasion on which more than a thousand people attended the service.


Klooster | events, art & design

Since the late 19th century the protestant community in Noordwijk had been mainly divided into two religious denominations. At the end of the 20th century those two groups merged into one (PKN Noordwijk), leaving two Church buildings where only one was needed. The church council decided in 2008 to rent out the Church at Sea to a locally based firm that had just started a business in design furniture, art and events .This firm is called: ‘Klooster | events, art & design’ (‘Klooster’ is the name of the owners Miran & Onno van ‘t Klooster and means ‘monastery’). End 2013 Klooster also started renting the front ‘Chapel at Sea’. And now the whole building is in use as an art gallery, coffeehouse, furniture shop en event venue.