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Klooster - Events, Art & Design

Condolences and ceremonies

In the former Church and Chapel at Sea in Noordwijk - now called 'Gallery Klooster' -  we also organize burial condolences and ceremonies. In the front you'll encounter the approximately 200 m2 large 'Chapel at Sea' (anno 1647). And behind this chapel there's 400 m2 space in the former 'Church at Sea'. Both spaces can be styled for groups from 20 till 250 persons (max. capacity Gallery Klooster: 350 persons). The building in the back has a 15 meters high ceiling and impressive stained glass windows (art deco style). The Church is now also decorated with modern art, design furniture and beautiful accessoiries, which makes the space intimate and serene. 

Gallery Klooster is located at 100 meters from the beach, and is surrounded by three public parking spaces. It is also possible to reservate parking spaces at Huis ter Duin.

Co owner of Gallery Klooster and stylist Miran van 't Klooster sees to it that every burial ceremony and/or condolence is styled in a way that would appeal to the deceased and his of her loved ones. Of course she does that in her own location, but also in for example in the Old Jerome Church in Noordwijk inland and in every other location of your choice.  She functions as an advisor towards the undertaker and the loved ones of the deceased. Miran has a lot of experience in organizing events and can therefore quickly assempble a team of specialists like flower arrangers, AV- light and sound professionals, furniture rental company's, etc.