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The phrase ‘Dutch Mastery’ manifests itself not just in pieces of painted art but for instance also in the styling and decoration of an auditorium ‘and’ in preparing/presenting food in an original way. Therefore caterer Van der Linde and the interior designers of Gallery Klooster joined there expertise’s in order to create a so called ‘Art Dinner’. The result is an inspirational combination of setting, food, styling and art. Van der Linde serves fresh, organic food in a way that reminds us of great Dutch masterpieces from the seventeenth century. They nevertheless also added unmistakably a distinct trendy touch to the dishes. In the surrounding decoration and art composed by Klooster you’ll find the same artistic mixture of historic and contemporary components. Resulting in an exceptional threading of modern cooking and styling recognizably inspired by works of renowned Dutch Masters from the past. 

‘Keynote speakers’ can elaborate during dinner on how Dutch Mastery can provide meaning and inspiration to people and organizations in general. Thus also strengthening the overall intention from an Art Dinner: that is to provide all attendees with a unique and valuable experience. 



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