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Klooster - Events, Art & Design

About Us

Klooster | events, art & design is home-based in a former protestant church, named ‘Church and Chapel at Sea’. Our family name is ‘Klooster’ (translation: Monastery) and therefore many people presume our home-base use to be a monastery. An understandable mistake, but nevertheless the company name ‘Klooster’ has nothing to do with the former function of the building.


Miran & Onno van ’t Klooster

Owners Miran and Onno van ‘t Klooster use in their PR the name ‘Gallery Klooster’ because they use the two auditoriums of the former church as space for art and design expositions, plus as venue for business, private and cultural events. In both cases the defining characteristic is the styling with art & design.

Miran van ‘t Klooster has more than 20 years’ experience in the fashion business.  In that capacity she was guest or/and speaker on many national and international conventions, presentations and dinners. It gave her a feeling for hospitality which she now translates in the organization of events under her own name. Because Miran is so experienced in the ‘other’ (receiving) side of the event-business she now has no trouble understanding what clients want and expect. And of course, as former fashion stylist, she puts a lot of energy in the styling of every event.

Onno van ʼt Klooster is interior designer. He runs the art & design branch of Gallery Klooster, and designs furniture and accessories for the private and business sector and the event-branch. He also supports his wife Miran with the styling of events. Originally Onno was a journalist/copywriter. He also mastered skills in graphic design and is therefore responsible for all Klooster PR, like press releases, brochures, adds, posters, flyers and everything through internet.  

Maaike Lengers studied Media and entertainment management and worked for a long time as sales assistant at different hotels. At Gallery Klooster, Maaike is sales manager. Maaike will make everything alright concerning the proposal and the route to the confirmation. 

Rachelle van der Kroft studied Marketing communication and worked a lot in the hospitality industry. She gained a lot of experience as a restaurant manager. At Klooster she focusses especially on PR, Marketing communications and she is the event and party manager. All the preparations and the event itself will be done by her. 


How it started

Klooster | events, art & design started in 2005 as an internet site where Onno listed his (often of own design and making) furniture, unique interior design objects and art. Onno also participated as attender on fairs, mainly to find out if there was a market for his interior design vision. It turned out; there was. But to order most clients had to go to the private house of Onno en Miran in Noordwijk. In 2007 the opportunity presented itself to rent a small but charming church in their hometown (called: Vinkenlaankerk). The building however was situated far from all (shopping)centers and relatively unknown.

That’s why Onno decided to also organize several cultural performances in his ‘art & design gallery’: just to get people visiting his venue. This strategy worked. But it was Miran who saw the potential of also renting out the venue for commercial events. Within no time the formula was clear: Klooster became an event venue and an art and design gallery.

After one year Onno and Miran had to move to another church in Noordwijk. This building was twice as big and much better situated; right in the center of Noordwijks main shopping street, close to the beach and in between the most important hotels. They gave the interior a thorough make over: put in f.i. a new (white) floor and 600 m2 curtains. Only disadvantage was the poor visibility of the entrance. Luckily as of 2013 (September) Onno and Miran got the chance to add the ‘Chapel at Sea’ to their venue. The chapel is situated right in front of the former church and has a large entrance at the shopping street. It truly gave the art & design branch a boost.


More event venues

It doesn’t stop there. Klooster also organizes events in other venues. For instance in the ‘Old Jerome Church’; an impressive medieval church right in the historic and picturesque center of Noordwijk Inland village, which Miran and Onno exploit commercially since beginning 2014. This church is again bigger than the gallery Klooster at sea. It can host up to 800 people.

Miran (who is in charge of ‘events’) also styled (and organized) events on locations outside Noordwijk, like; Paleis Soestdijk (former royal palace), Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin, Museum for Communication in The Hague, Het Land van Belofte in Moerkapelle en Museum Het Prinsenhof in Delft.